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ON1 Force NFT – Detailed information about the project


We are witnessing the real revolution of the NFT projects, as they came to be extremely fun, creative, and unique! One of these projects that caught our attention is the ON1 force NFT project that’s getting more and more popular nowadays.

For those who’ve just stepped into the beautiful world of Non-Fungible Tokens and want to know more about them, it’s essential to know that they differ from Bitcoin and Ethereum since they are uniquely identifiable.

Usually, NFTs data unit types are associated with audio, video, and photos. The NFT ledger provides what’s known to be a public certificate of authenticity or proof of ownership. However, the legal rights of NFTs are still uncertain. They are used as speculative assets that do not restrict copying or sharing the underlying digital files.

So, now that we’ve explained what NFTs represent in general, let’s get to know more about the ON1 force NFT project that’s been in the spotlight for some time now, shall we?

Get to know what the ON1 force NFT project is

The famous ON1 force NFT project that was around when the whole hype and great interest arose represents 7,777 generative side-profile characters. There are more than 100 hand-drawn features fighting for their existence. Spirit, strength, and style are essential to survive in the Ethereal Enclave!

Besides the high-resolution artwork that’s more than obvious, every 0N1 FORCE NFT grants access to numerous benefits found on the ON1force website and their Discord. The ON1 force NFT considers the future of the Non-Fungible Tokens ownership as cross-platform. They envision a digital social network that won’t have any boundaries.

The Core Mission of ON1 Force

The core mission of ON1 Force is to develop a new generation of cross-platform IP that enables the ON1VERSE co-creation. In fact, it connects gaming and the narrative of the ON1 FORCE with the latest web3 technology.

What is essential to remember is that ON1 Force is driven by the spirit of imagination and brings embodiment of the Strength, Style, and Spirit by:

Elevation of the style in both Metaverse and reality
Improving strength in the community.

Meet the Ecosystem of the ON1VERSE

The Ecosystem of ON1VERSE is to provide the real value to ON1 as an IP. Besides the worldwide commercial license, all ON1 holders have access to the ON1VERSE, including R1SE, an on-chain collaborative RPG, NANO Suit NFTs, and future Metaverse land inside the Ethereal Enclave.

Obviously, as the ON1VERSE expanded, so did the utility. The creators of the 0N1 Force – Collection have been developing an ecosystem to enhance 0N1 FORCE NFT in general as a web3 entity. It came as a result of the cross-platform digital ownership in their mind.

The main goal of all this is to provide holders with an expansive toolkit of commercially-licensed art of the highest quality, experiences, open-source 3D assets that will be editable, NFTs, and access to numerous opportunities through meaningful and strategic partnership.

The Community, Giveaways, and Collaborations of ON1 Force

The collection creators have realized the importance of community which gives them great strength. They’ll be introducing a community wallet alongside global activations after launching the Nano Suit. The community will be informed and engaged with the newest content on the Discord regarding the ON1 Force NFT.

When it comes to giveaways and collaborations, ON1 Force hosts giveaways every month for a chance at Non-Fungible Tokens. Holders can also win partnered merchandise. They’ll offer a limited mintlist for and all upcoming projects with Steve Aok.

It’s important to know that ON1VERSE is creator-driven. The collaboration with talented artists inside the ON1 Force community helps develop new opportunities and co-created lore.

What is the story behind the Ethereal Enclave?

The Ethereal Enclave within the famous ON1 VERSE refers to an eternal city and the place that the ON1 considers their home. The Eternity of ON1, which was once peaceful, was destroyed. A significant change and a cataclysmic event pushed the Enclave into great chaos.

Now, the 7,777 ON1 that have managed to find Strength, Style, and Spirit are obligated to reclaim their protective Nano Suits. They also need to restore the balance to the Ethereal Enclave.

ON1 Origin – The birth of the Enclave

To understand the whole point of the ON1 force NFT, it is necessary to know the complete history. The Enclave birth began with One Source, which is a fountain of infinite potential. The Emperor’s Eye was the first to emerge. It birthed the Genesis Y0KA-1, who began to harvest Essence from the One Source freely.

The Essence was used to shape, mould, and bring into existence the architecture and technologies that formed the Ethereal Enclave- an endless megacity. That megacity represented home to millions of other lifeforms as well.

So, every time the seven Genesis Y0KA-1 wielded the One Source essence, their mastery over it improved and grew, so the seven had reached ascension. Therefore, a lowly Y0KA-1 transformed into a powerful BAKEMO-NO, then to golden-eyed ON1, and the final state and all-powerful KAM-1. And the rest regarding this subject is history that you can find on the ON1 force official website!

NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated. “Tokenizing” these real-world tangible assets allow them to be bought, sold, and traded more efficiently while reducing the probability of fraud.

The 0N1 Force – Collection

As we’ve written above, the ON1 Force NFT Collection represents 7,777 items or generative-side characters with more than one hundred hand-drawn features that are fighting for their existence. This will make you fall in love with these items instantly.

You can find them on perhaps the best marketplace for NFTs at the moment, OpenSea. There you will be able to see top bids for each of these 7,777 items. You can filter your search by clicking on buttons such as chains, on sale, background, domain, extra, eyes, face, hair, helmet, mouth, type, wear, Spirit, Strength, and Style.

Also, if you want, you can filter the collection results on OpenSea by most viewed or favorite ones, by lowest to the highest price, recently created or sold, and so on. For each selected character, or in other words, the item from the 0N1 Force NFT Collection you can see:

Floor difference
Price History
Item activity

Also, more items from the same, popular ON1 FORCE NFT collection are gathering more and more fans into their beloved community.




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