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North Korea Continues to Test Its Missiles


Over the years, North Korea launched numerous missiles. The country continues to develop its missile program. The world’s most isolated nation released photographs that the government said were taken from its most powerful missile launch in five years. 

On Monday, the country confirmed information about its missile. The country tested a Hwasong-12 intermediate range ballistic missile (IRBM). Hwasong-12 can travel thousands of miles at its full power, putting areas like Guam within striking distance. 

Pyongyang’s latest test raised alarms again among the international community. It conducted a record number of seven missile launches in December alone. South Korea and other countries condemned North Korea’s actions. 

The United Nations prohibits North Korea from ballistic as well as nuclear weapons tests. It also imposed strict sanctions. Still, the country regularly defies the ban. 

Japan and South Korea were both the first to report the launch on Sunday after detecting Hwasong-12 in their anti-missile systems.

South Korea and Japan estimated it had flown a moderate distance for an IRBM, covering a distance of about 800km. However, Hwasong-12 can travel as far as 4,000km at full power and a standard trajectory. 

The country confirmed the missile launch on Monday through its state-run media reports. State media usually disclose its rogue tests a day after their occurrence. 

North Korea’s longtime ruler Kim Jong-un was not present to observe Sunday’s launch. During the 8th Party Congress this month, he talked about missiles as well. He said the development of military reconnaissance satellites and hypersonic missiles, along with unmanned attack drones, are the major goals for the next five-year plan. 

North Korea already conducted two hypersonic missile tests in January this year. Furthermore, experts believe the country will soon launch a reconnaissance satellite.  




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