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Fragmint: The Future of NFT Minting


There’s no denying the earning potential within the non-fungible token (NFT) market. Just in the past 24 hours, NFT sales tracker Crypto Slam  reports that more than $600 million in NFT sales transactions were recorded. Total all-time global sales records are estimated to be over $25 billion.

The market is booming and actors, musicians, and entrepreneurs are on the move to take advantage of the opportunities that lie within NFTs. Even Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is rumored to be entering the game very soon.

While there are plenty of opportunities for businesses in the NFT world, it’s getting harder and harder for retail investors to get into NFTs. The demand keeps on growing and it’s increasingly more difficult to acquire NFTs. Even Binance’s NFT marketplace felt the need to implement a “fair way” to acquire NFTs on their platform to address the problems related to the rise in demand.

Apart from this, floor prices are becoming harder to reach each second. Forget Beeple’s 5000 days that sold for $69 million, even the least expensive CryptoPunk is now more than $200 thousand.

Thankfully, the Fragmint team created a platform that lets users invest in fragmented NFTs or simply put — ‘Fragmints’. The concept of fractional NFTs is nothing new. Splitting NFTs into millions of pieces is becoming a popular trend these days. However, Fragmint introduces a similar and yet entirely new concept.

The platform created a new process of fragmentation. Instead of simply dividing NFTs into many small pieces, create a complete outline of the part of the NFT that you own within the art. This can be roughly compared to buying plots of land in a metaverse. This process sets the platform apart from its competition. Due to the fragmentation process, an improved economic model sustains the players within the Fragmint ecosystem.

With Fragmint’s model, each part of the fragmented NFT holds different values from each other. Investors have the opportunity to buy all the parts or sell a single part as needed. More importantly, the gamified experiences put a “fun” element to investing. With these, Fragmint is really — the Future of NFT Minting.

Check out Fragmint by visiting their  website.




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